Welcome to my website!

I’m Elly Curshen AKA Elly Pear.

This is where you'll find the stuff I do away from The Pear Café. Whether you’re doing the 5:2 or just after some recipe inspiration for good food I hope you’ll find something here you like.

I’ve been running my cafe in Bristol for many years now alongside various supper clubs and pop-ups. Working in the food industry for so long, it’s hard not to put on weight so when, a few years ago, I found myself putting on a few extra pounds, some friends of mine who also work in the industry suggested I tried doing the 5:2 as it had worked for them. I’ve never looked back!

The thing that really grabbed me about the 5:2 when I first encountered it was that for five days a week I could carry on as normal, and twice a week I just had to eat no more than 500 calories. This seriously sang to me. I could go out for dinner, work on recipes, do all the things I loved to do, and just be careful for two days. The key is having lots of 5:2 recipes and ideas. However, it’s also really important to eat good health, nutritious food the rest of the week – good food cooked from scratch.

That was the philosophy of my first book, Fast Days and Feast Days.

I hope you find something that inspires!